Complete and cost-effective solutions to depalletizing, random bin-picking and machine-tending


With advanced technologies including 3D vision, deep learning, and motion planning, Mech-Mind provides complete solutions to machine-tending. 


Machine-tending:Pick metal parts and load them to the machine.

1.Competitive price

Compared with other alternatives, our solutions help customers save 60% to 80% cost.

2.High intelligence

State-of-the-art vision algorithms enable robot to handle various metal parts in different shapes and different sizes.

Support for metal parts with reflective or dark surface.

Metal parts can be randomly located or tightly packed.

3.Motion planning

Collision checking algorithm and motion planning algorithm are integrated in the intelligent programming environment Mech-Viz. Never worrying about collision or singularity.

4.Plug and play, easy to use

Mech-Viz is a revolutionary robot programming environment. No-experts can manipulate robots after simple training.


Speedup to 30 pieces/min

Support for objects in different sizes and different shapes

PayloadDepend on the payload of robots
Robot brandWork in concert with all robots from major vendors
New objects trainingHigh training speed
CalibrationAutomated calibration with high accuracy
ServiceGripper designing, robot selecting, etc.

Smart camera Mech-Eye, 3D vision software Mech-Vision, Intelligent Programming Environment Mech-Viz are included.


Mech-Eye (High-accuracy)
Scanning time


(Depends on your requirements)

3D Resolution Ratio1280 x 1024
2D Resolution atio1280 x 1024
Accuracy(Z)0.5mm@1m 1.0mm@2m
Recommended Distance0.8m - 2m 
FOV39° x 24°
Applications1.Machine tending;2.Locating and quality inspection
Customized ServiceSmart camera can be customized
12 VDC

Thanks to advanced algorithms,  our solutions achieve high performance for objects recognizing.

Clustered Metal Parts


3D Vision Software Mech-Vision

Graphical editor allows users to adjust the vision program without any coding.


Intelligent Programming Environment Mech-Viz

1.Different from traditional code-based programming software, Mech-Viz is a pure graphical codeless programming environment. With Mech-Viz, non-experts can manipulate robots after simple training.

2.Collision checking, grasp planning, and motion planning are integrated. 



MECH-MIND Put Intelligence into Industrial Robots

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